Shout-out to everyone who supports THE HAUS! We think it’s crazy incredible there are people who think THE HAUS is just as cool as we think it is, and that are willing to support the action! You are boss BUDDIES, and we are so happy that you are nailing this thing with us!



Thanks guys for supporting THE HAUS with fresh videos in the ARTE Creative cinema in THE HAUS and, of course, spreading the word for us.

Thank you, Daniel, Ludwig and Roger for this amazing support of THE HAUS artists. We love having you and your gallery space in THE HAUS and we really appreciate that you use this place to present the artists to your partners.

Alexander of Aussergewöhnlich Berlin made the connection between DIE DIXONS and PANDION and set the wheel in motion.

The Radeberger Gruppe made sure that nobody in THE HAUS was thirsty – cheers!

The idea and the kick off for THE HAUS was sparked by Bolle, Jörni and Kimo aka DIE DIXONS who are able to find a solution for everything.

Thanks to Fritz Kola for making sure, with lots and lots of caffeine, that our eyes were wide, wide open.

The Hotel Berlin, Berlin is the only places where the artists and THE HAUS feel at home. Thank you, Christine, Florian, Hendrik, Patrick, Jenna, Jana and the hotel crew!

Caution art – caution wild! Thanks to Marja and Jägermeister, you are crazy buddies.

Thanks to Sammy and Klebeland for the amazing support of our tape art artists. You are definitely the tape art specialists in Berlin!

In cooperation with SGBDD GmbH, Felix, Nadine, Jens, Martin, Peggy and the friendly Greek guy from Kluwe advised our artists and delivered the best construction materials.

Our homeboy Tobias from Limes helped us to fund this whole story by placing outdoor advertising in front of the building. We appreciate your trust in us and cannot wait to get started with our association – let’s rock this shit!

Makita took care of equipping the artists with high-quality tools.

Not for everybody, only for Berliners – and THE HAUS! Thanks to Tom and Mampe for your delicious support!

Eugen from Million Motions did the dopest video documentation ever – watch out!

Thanks to Alex and Marcus from Montana who arranged for us to be supplied with a badass range of spray cans, markers, refill systems and things like gloves.

Mathias and Yasin represented PANDION and were available to help and advise us.

John, Giacomo, Karsten and Lisa of Paperplain created the visual identity of THE HAUS and supported us with the offline and online communication stuff.

Heiko and Benedikt of ProfiTec organized the delivery of the freshest wall paint our artists could use to realize their ideas. Thank you guys!

Julia, Daniel and David of realities.io bring you the unreachable. They are moving THE HAUS into another dimension, breathing a virtual life into Berlin’s freshest culture experience for everyone who couldn’t make it.

The lads of Therani & Brandts took care of the organization of the freshest events in THE HAUS. Thanks to Jan, Liza, Verena and Felix for your advice.

Towntalker placarded our badass posters around the freshest places in Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. Thanks for spreading the word, Ole, Kai, Elisabeth and the team– you can really count on those guys!

Grand sound for grand art. Teufel took care of a good sound quality during our events.

Turbokultur is also on board, nobody knows what they are doing – but it’s awesome.

Spread the word! visitBerlin felt that THE HAUS is mega fresh and told people around the globe what we have been doing here. Thanks for this badass Berlin-support!

Our friend Joab Nist of We are the City spreads fresh stuff on this internet and takes care of making them viral.

Our new buddy Thorsten from Wistoba brush factory organized a huge amount of brushes and paint rollers. Thank you for this great support of the artists.

Bolle, Kimo and Jörni of Xi-Design take care of some super fresh THE HAUS murals in Berlin.

Thanks guys for supporting us with our amazing workshop program in THE HAUS!